Motorcyclist crashes when cut off by an Audi

Lublin police officers explain the circumstances of yesterday's traffic incident at al. Pilsudski. The 25-year-old motorcyclist, wanting to avoid a collision with an outgoing road subordinate to an Audi car, put a two-wheeler and slid down the road. His motorcycle hit a road sign, then a concrete bin and two cars.

Thanks to this, pedestrians walking down the sidewalk were not hit by a speeding motorcycle. The event was registered by city monitoring. Yesterday around 14:00on al. PiƂsudski, a dangerous-looking event occurred. Initial findings of policemen show that the driver of the Audi car joining the traffic from the subordinate road, did not give priority to the rider.

The 25-year-old Honda motorcycle driver put a two-wheeler to avoid a collision. Then, sliding down the road, he hit a concrete trash bin and two cars. The motorcyclist from the scene of the accident was taken to hospital. Fortunately, he wasn't seriously injured.


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Location: Lublin, Poland