Fun with Anti-Ukrainian Propaganda!

This post is meant to show virulent examples of anti-Ukrainian propaganda being published on the web. Through a mixture of naivety, cognitive dissonance, & gullibility, it is being accepted as gospel by apoplectic, frothing pro-Russians. But thank God some of us know how to use Google to search by image.

And before you say 'what about Ukrainian/American/ZioNAZI blah blah durp', let's just skip an elaborate & infinite game of whataboutism. We all know the pro-Kiev side does wrong, too. This isn't about that.

A lesson in propaganda:

1. OH MY GOD. Look at these fascist Ukrainian school children! Do you see how they teach them in Ukraine?:

2. Let's do a reverse image search. Hmm. The results seem to originate from a Russian tweet claiming this photo demonstrates fascism in Ukraine:

3. Who is that guy in the picture? He suspiciously looks like Kiev-born aircraft designer, Igor Sikorsky:

4. Wait a second, those look like scouts in the picture. What kind of Ukrainian Scouts are there? It looks like the biggest one is called CYM. I wonder what they look like.

5. Well, let me do a little more digging and... Oh. This is from Ontario, 2012. NICE.

p.s. Funny how the pro-Russians who posted this didn't notice the Exit sign in the background.

Another fun activity by pro-Russian Goebbels-wannabes is to paint every Ukrainian as Nazi & they'll do anything to back up that narrative. But you know that cute girl named "Anna Smith" from Texas with the 2014 FB profile who tells you "Ukrainian naZIONIST man are U.S. slave dog"? When she posts a picture on your timeline showing Nazis beating elderly women in Ukraine, you might retain a modicum of skepticism.

Propaganda as real as Kim Kardashian's tits:

Sweet, sweet reality (really diggin' the sideways hat, yo):

I'll list other examples in futility, but I'm certain you pro-Russians have zoned out & are at this very moment writing comments calling me a Jew.

Photoshop Skillz:

Manufactured with actual photons:

A moving tribute to Sally Fields:

A still from a movie (7.5 on IMDB, baby!):

An Austrian:

Nope, just controversial concentration camp-surviving crumb bum:

Nazi Swastika:

Uh uh. Not-see Swastika:

Fasc-ice bucket challenge:

Nah. Possibly a Satanist, though: