Gang Of Mostly Black Minors Attack Two White Guys

Gang of mostly black minors attack two white guys, there were one wigger with them and few Hispanics. Guys who live in white suburbs and don't have direct contact with inner city minorities are regular "customers" of this low profile gangs. Those guys who said "I'm a dangerous guy, I lift weights, I have a gun, I would like they to attack me, I would kill them all with my gun..." and for some reason stray into some of this inner city areas, in 90% of the situations they get jumped by more numerous opponents, and they get beaten. And if some of them really shoot some gang member, he will get Mainstream Media treatment of George Zimmerman, he will be declared by MSM as racist who shoot at innocent black and brown kids. Those minor gang members between ages 16-18 who sell drugs and robb people on the street will be shown on MSM with pictures when they were 11-12 years old, where they all look like innocent little angels...


By: Grim T (793.90)

Tags: Gang, Mostly Black, Minors, Attack, Two White Guys, George Zimmerman

Location: United States