Germany: Teens defy age & strut their stuff at YOU festival 2014

VideoID: 20140627-024

M/S People dancing
C/U Girl dancing
W/S Girls dancing
C/U Girl dancing
M/S Girls dancing
M/S People watching
M/S Girl dancing
C/U Girls dancing
M/S Girls dancing
C/U People watching
M/S Girl getting henna tattoo
C/U Girl getting henna tattoo
M/S Man scuba diving
C/U Man scuba diving
M/S People sitting on beanbags
SOT Lennart, Student (in English): "We are here to have some fun and chill, cosplay and see some sexy ladies!"
W/S Messe Berlin exhibit center

Berlin teens gathered at the Messe Berlin exhibit center on Friday to attend the YOU 2014 youth festival, a three-day fair that features a variety of fun, activities and shows.

The event is divided into the two main segments of 'music, sports and lifestyle' and 'education, career and future.' Some of the more popular activities include a dance workshop, henna and airbrush tattoos, a scuba diving tank and live concert gigs.

The fair, which attracts thousands of teens each year, will take place in Dortmund again this year from November 28-30.