Student Slams Principal to The Ground in Massive Brawl at Florin High School - California

You see the "upstanding citizen" from SC being removed from class forcibly but you won't see this in the liberal media across the nation.... doesn't fit their race baiting agenda and doesn't feature a white principle beating a deserving "upstanding citizen". Just another entitled "upstanding citizen" with no respect for anyone...

Detention is the least of the worries for one high school student who was filmed throwing his principal to the ground this week. Police in Sacramento, California, say the unnamed teen was one of three Florin High School students arrested on Monday for starting a lunchroom brawl.

Shocking video shows the moment school principal Don Ross tried to intervene, but was slammed to the floor by a teen wearing a blue hoodie, as students gathered around screamed.

'There were three school officials who sustained minor injuries,' said Xanthi Pinkerton, spokeswoman for the Elk Grove Unified School District. 'I do know one of the school officials, the principal, was involved in stabilizing the situation.'

Pinkerton said there were two fights on Monday, the first involving eight to 10 students and centered on a 'relationship-oriented disagreement'. Coupled with the fight on Monday, and 'threats' written in a school bathroom, several parents decided to keep their children home from school on Tuesday.

'Nobody came to school [Tuesday],' freshman Leilah Windom said. 'My first period was only like four people.'