Pilatus PC-9 Conducts Intense WW2 Style Propeller Plane Dive Attack Close Air Support Strafing Runs

Pilatus PC-9 Conducts Intense WW2 Style Propeller Plane Dive Attack Close Air Support Strafing Runs For Advancing M-84 Tanks.

The video shows a Pilatus PC-9 propeller plane conducting extremely intense World War 2 style dive attack close air support strafing runs together with a ro L-39 Albatros jet plane aircraft to support the advance of two M-84 tanks that are simply the Yugoslav versions of the T-72 tank during a intense ground air military live fire exercise that was held out by the Slovenian army and air force together with the US army.

The Pilatus PC-9 aircraft is a Swiss manufactured propelled plane , developed from the PC-7 , which maintains the layout, but has very little structural equality with him. Among other improvements, the PC-9 features a larger cockpit with stepped ejection seats and a concept aerofreno ventral.

The Aero L-39 Albatros is a training jet aircraft manufactured in Czechoslovakia according to the requirements of the "C-39" (C d cvičný - trainer) during the late 1960s to replace the L-29 Delfin . It was the first of the second generation of jet aircraft training, and also the first coach to use motors turbofan , and was the last to be updated with the L-59 Super Albatros and L-139 .

The M-84 (based on the T-72 chassi) is a second-generation main battle tank, manufactured in the former Federation of Socialist Republics of Yugoslavia . The M-84 is in service today in Bosnia and Herzegovina , Croatia , Slovenia , Kuwait , Libya and Serbia

Strafing, or strafing ground, is the act of a fighter to attack a ground target at low altitude with their machine guns , and by extension, small pumps .
The guns have to be mounted in a different way for strafing. The strafing requires a convergence point and far lower than air combat. Because of the low altitude required for strafing, it is very risky for the pilot, which is exposed to portable missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, antiaircraft artillery and machine guns. Aircraft designed for strafing may include additional armor around and under the cockpit to protect the pilot.

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