Another crime done by an indescribable man in Germany

Today a shooter killed a 45 year old father and husband in a supermarket in Osnabrück / Germany.

While the killer was still on the run the media started to report about the incident. In that cases the reporting is also done to get hints from witnesses or other citizens which have seen the suspect. This helps not seldom the police to catch the criminal.

The first reports where suspicious imprecise. The supermarket was not named and the killer was described as a man in the age of 20 - 30 and nothing else.

As an informed German the first thing you do is check the online police report.

From the police report you get the information that the suspect has the look of someone from "a southern country". There are a lot of countries south from the German border. So this also does not really help to identify the shooter.

Long story short. It was of course a Turk which killed another Turk in a Turkish supermarket. They already got him, but only because he turned himself in by entering the next police station together with his lawyer.

The problem here is that the whole German media and the police rather let a killer escape then report politically incorrect about Turks. (or Arabs) Germany is so fubar that all officials, newspapers, media have the opinion that it is worse to report correct but bad about foraigners then killing someone.

Anyone an idea how to get this country back to sanity?;amp;hl=de&pz=1&ned=de&ncl=dQT0lix1oSLcx6MMMj5AavZjWnv-M&topic=n

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