Undercover Cop Shoots Robber

A man died in a confrontation with police in the early afternoon of Tuesday (26) in the Batel district of Curitiba. He and his accomplice tried to rob a father and son in the bank's exit, but were spotted by an undercover police officer. The victims had just come from a bank on the corner of Bruno Filgueira Street with Sete de Setembro Avenue and were approached by the robber when entering the car. a police Rotam who was in a car parked across the street saw the movement of bandits and tried to stop the action. the mugger reacted and there was exchange of fire. One of the assailants died with a gun in hand. According to the Military Police, he found a backpack with another caliber pistol point 380, three carriers and 45 ammunition. The other managed to escape on a motorcycle that did not have the characteristics disclosed. A third assailant was inside the bank, passing information about the victims. The family said that this was the second attempt to assault they suffered in less than a month.



By: gibberer (4252.10)

Tags: police, robber, shooting

Location: China