DG's garden update

I decided I'd better do a quick garden update before the next storm rolls through tonight. This has been a very frustrating summer trying to deal with Mother Nature and all of her moods. Knock on wood, no tornadoes...so I shouldn't complain. Straight line winds that seem to come out of nowhere, slamming huge, heavy bbq grills over, there's only so much you can do and hope for the best. I can't remember who on LL warned me about slugs, but thank you. Never had that problem before, but have seen the creepy ass things this year, unfortunately. Live and learn, right?


By: denvergirl1963 (1318.16)

Tags: yoursay, Gardens, YS, update, wind, drowning, slugs, too much freaking rain, hail, hell, thunderstruck, new tattoo

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