Feminism - #PissForEquality

Users of 4Chan a popular anonymous image and comments sharing board have successfully managed to pull off a prank against tumblr feminists convincing them to 'piss their pants for equality' and post pictures of it online.

The prank consisted of the 4Chan users starting a hashtag campaign on tumbler asking feminists to urinate themselves and post pictures of it in support of 'rape victims who soil themselves when they are raped unconscious' ......

The campaign with the hashtag #PissForEquality quickly picked up pace on twitter with feminists doing just that and posting pictures of the result online......This campaign is one of a string of pranks pulled off by 4Chan users on tumblr feminists and includes the more successful 'Operation FreeBleeding', which involved pranking feminists on tumblr to not wear menstruation products and bleed freely in public and posting pictures of it online, in protest of 'male dominated female hygiene product' companies......

Pictures below:



By: IraqiPride (2172.50)

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