Truck Plows Through Sheds, Driver Gets Tazed

RIVERDALE — An admittedly intoxicated man was arrested Wednesday after driving erratically through the parking lot of a Home Depot store.

Dale Arave, 38, told police he had consumed 1/8 gallon of whiskey before crashing his large pickup truck through bushes, a light post, storage sheds and swing sets displayed in the parking lot at 99 W. Riverdale Road. The truck came to a stop when it slammed into a curb and became high-centered.

It began when an officer driving near the store saw smoke coming from the parking lot. When he drove up, he found Arave inside the truck, spinning its tires out.

I could tell he wasn't stopping and calming down. He kept doing damage. That's why I thought, 'This could get interesting.'–Brent Packer, bystander

Riverdale Police Lt. James Ebert said the officer ordered Arave out of the truck. Arave allegedly refused, directing an obscene gesture toward the officer instead.

Arave then backed the truck into a light post. Again, Ebert said the officer ordered Arave to get out of the truck, but Arave drove away a second time.

After he saw the truck take out a stop sign, Home Depot shopper Brent Packer caught most of the incident in a cellphone video, which Ebert called "a great piece of evidence."