Racist German Police

This is a video made by the Berlin police and shown on some subway tv. It shows real videos of stealings and confidence tricks.

But because all of the shown people in the videos were immigrants, the Turkish society and green and left wing politicians played the "ray siss" card towards the Berlin police.

The video had to be produced with (white) german actors to keep the Turks, Sinti and Romanians and all the other regularly offended people (known as journalists, left and green politicians and the pro asyl guys) happy.

Link to a german newspaper, of course in german so most of you cant read it. But i have no english written news about that.


There are only few statistics and most of the thiefs are not catched (and if, they are on the street faster than the police has written the report about this. And this ffs is no kidding!) but some say, that 99,99% of that organized stealings and confidence tricks are commited by people from eastern Europe.

But you cant talk about that here, because you will face the "ray siss" card and if there is a little chance, you will face a judge due to a incitement of people.

Some opinion from me. Were i live, there are currently guys from eastern europe walking trough the villages and looking...well, we all know what they are looking for. Some of my mates who live in the next village have already been "enriched" and the cars were break open in their whole street.

You know whats going on, you know who the guys are who steal from you and sometimes you even see them on the streets some days before the stealings begin, mostly smiling at you. And i live far away from the eastern border (were there are of course no raising crimes due to the open borders to eastern Europe...)

And you are not allowed to do anything, our judges wont do anything and our politicians and journalists constantly deny that these eastern thiefs even exist.

Btw. Video is 10 month old, but i found it today and thought it was worth posting it, to keep recording the fall of Europe.