Why do we watch our way of life get turned upside down and then just bite our tongues ?

Why did our fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers as did theirs fight for our freedoms and
liberties laying down there lives and there blood in the hope that there children and grandchildren could
live a better life just so we as there children and gran children willingly sit back and let our politicians
take away everything they fought for.

why do we sit back and watch the Blatant injustice done against us by the
government - by the Media - by the newspapers - by the police - and by - immigrants welcomed into our country
yet we do nothing and say very little.

no longer can we celebrate Christmas openly for example as it MAY OFFEND Others.

so why is it that we let this happen and do nothing.

what are we so afraid of ???

is it the immigrants - NO
is it the government - NO
is it bombs - NO
is it terrorism - NO
is it death we are afraid of - NO

Shameful as it may seem we allow ourselves to be ridiculed - lied to - mugged - raped - ripped off
- eradicated and worse of all we are allowing our culture and way of life to be
wiped out because of one little word - not guns not bombs not death just 1 little word.


thats it just that one little word that stops all in our tracks so lets take a look at this word,

funny enough its used in the uk mostly against.. well blow me white British - the same people that bent over backwards to welcome cultures
from all over the world with open arms regardless of religion colour or creed and have happily integrated with all cultures but one that refuses to integrate -
this one culture that refuses to integrate also happens to be the same one that plays the racist card at EVERY opportunity also from what i can see the same race that
our own government has decided will be the dominant religion of the future as that is where they seem to be placing all there eggs.

as of today because i disagree with our government I AM A RACIST and while i have breath in my body my voice will be heard in support of the our culture and way of life
and for that matter the American culture and way of life and any other country that finds themselves facing a one way ticket to a lets say
Religious and ideological change being forced on upon them.

if we do not change this now then all we and generations have to look forward to in the future is generations of lies - and not to others but to ourselves.

and if this gets rejected again please email me with a valid reason why ?