As Priebus packs his bags, who will be next to bite the dust in Trumps wacky White House?? VOTE YOUR PICK!

Reince Priebus was sent packing on thursday amid growing tensions betweem him and Anthony the "mooch" Scaramucci. Seems like this grease ball Wall street version of Joe Pesci has his claws deep into the Trumpmeister and, at least for the time being, has his ear. I believe that he convinced Trump that Priebus was the source of a lot of the WH leaks to the press as that is what he suggested in his profanity laden interview with the New Yorker.
What is also interesting is that he publicly attacked Alt right darling Steve Bannon. I dont think he would dare to publicly attack Bannon if he hadnt fallen out of favor with Trump to a certain degree. Flynn, Spicer and now Priebus have all been forced to resign in this circus we are calling the White House these days, which begs the obvious question of who is next?
Trumps public attacks on his AG and Dumbo descendant Jeff Sessions would seem to indicate his fragile neck is next on the chopping block. However the public assault on Bannon by Scaramooch would make a betting man think twice about going all in on Sessions.
One thing i will say is that if Trump is smart, which he obviously is not, he will keep Bannon around as firing him could have dire consequences for his base. Bannon is not the type to take this kind of insult with no lube and go on CNN to give an interview after being fired praising Trump. He will fight back and fight back hard if you ask me. He will turn half of Trumps base against him, the alt right who are already beginning to see Trump as the charlatan that he is. They were quite upset with the Syrian strike, as was Bannon personally.
So to my fellow LL viewers and political circus enthusiasts, I propose a friendly farmers bet of sorts to see who will be getting the boot next.


By: AbuLuLu (193.60)

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