Comedian Assaulted on Stage

What was supposed to be a sad afternoon of comics telling half worked jokes, quickly turned into chaos as one of the comics leapt from his seat and attacked Capital Pilcrow in the middle of his set.

Pam Benjamin addressed the incident on the Bay Area comedy network on Facebook Page sating, "DANGER in the Community. FYI people who run open mics. There was an assault at Mutiny Radio. He is a new comic. His name is "Jeff". No last name on list. He is no longer allowed here, but you might want to be aware, he leapt from his seat because Capital Pilcrow did an amazing joke about his name and we all laughed so hard on the punchline "jeff". Unbeknownst to anyone, This guy's name was "Jeff" (so was another member of the audience who had a sense of humor). It was a total accident of names, but he attacked. Thank god for hero comic rugby star Matthew Quirk for saving the day. This "Jeff guy" also broke the front window. He is a triggered danger. Just FYI."


By: Sasha The Bear (887.70)

Tags: Comedian, Not Funny, Attacked, San Fransisco, Mutiny

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