ISIS protesters in the Netherlands: Death to Jews, Fight the West and America

A protest in Holland, that was approved by the Dutch government and meant to be a peaceful demonstration against Israel's Gaza operation and against the arrest of an Islamist operative, turned into a terrifying rally of hundreds of ISIS supporters.

The protesters marched in the streets of The Hague uninterrupted while waving the black ISIS flags, calling "Death to Jews" and shouting other slogans calling to murder and fight the West and specifically the United States.

The Dutch were shocked of the protest, and The Hague's mayor was called to resign after his staff were the ones to approve the protest without realizing the danger it poses.

The Dutch were also shocked to see pictures posted by ISIS recently that show a Muslim Dutch national alongside severed heads of Syrian soldiers he murdered in cold blood.

Analysts estimated that the extremist organization was using this protest rally to recruit youths to its religious war in European cities.

Some 3,000 European youths of Muslim descent are believed to have joined ISIS for fighting in Syria and Iraq, some of which have already returned home after having trained with ISIS and murdered many.

Over the weekend, hundreds of ISIS supporters attacked several hundreds of Yazidis, who were protesting in the German city of Herford against the slaughtering of their people in Iraq.,7340,L-4557201,00.html

One of the comments to this video by a local -

Also charming: This pro-Palestinian demonstration in The Hague, NL. And with pro-Palestinian, I mean rabidly pro-ISIS/anti-Jewish demonstration. Highlights where the chant "Those who don't jump are Jews" around 1:30 and the call to forcefully undress a female journalist/blogger who was recording the festivities.

This would be one of the reasons people are reluctant to speak out against Israel. Because these are among the people you side with.