Toronto Police Service Organised Crime * CIBC CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE CIBC * City of London Biggest Bank Fraud Case


The sensational Carroll Foundation Trust and parallel Carroll Maryland Trust multi-billion dollar tax fraud bribery case has revealed that the Toronto Police Service is understood to be closely monitoring this case of international importance.

Sources have confirmed that the explosive FBI Scotland Yard cross-border criminal standard of proof prosecution files contain forged and falsified CIBC Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce London billion dollar syndicate loans which were effectively utilized for the embezzlement of a mind boggling two hundred million dollars of the Carroll Foundation Trust's huge treasury investment holdings in this massive City of London bank fraud heist that stretches the globe.

The Carroll Foundation Trust files are held within a complete lockdown at the FBI Washington DC field office and the Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard London under the supervision of the Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe who has an intimate knowledge of this case spanning a staggering sixteen years.

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