Russian supported disinformation campaign aimed at relatives of MH17 casualties in The Netherlands

Over the last 2 years reports have been coming in about people approaching relatives of casualties of the shooting of MH17 in 2014 over rebel occupied territory in Eastern Ukraine. These unidentified persons claim they were witnesses to the events that transpired near Torez on the 17th of july 2014. They seem to push 2 storylines; one being that a Ukrainian shot down the plane, the other one being that a Ukrainian Buk shot it down. Most of this information remained under the radar until Dutch Representative Pieter Omtzigt(CDA) was openly accused of having paid a "witness" to disturb a meeting between the relatives with similar disinformation. He admitted to these allegations and resigned his post as head of the Research Committee into MH17. Dutch state security services are saying they have received multiple reports similar to this and are investigating the affair.


By: Gilgamesj (796.40)

Tags: Ukraine, Russia, Putin, The Netherlands, Disinformation, Propaganda

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands