Israel & Gaza To Jointly Export Spices, Fruit, Flowers To Europe

Recently, representatives of Israeli growers and of growers in Gaza met in Amsterdam, where they decided for a joint export of flowers and spices to Europe.

Despite the political negotiations and the military confrontation between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, both sides' farmers managed to develop a common agro-export channel, which is expected to generate revenue this year of NIS 20 million.

A delegation of the Israeli Flower Growers, led by Haim Hadad, Secretary of Israel Flowers organization and main agricultural societies in the Gaza Strip met in Amsterdam and agreed on a common export channel of flowers, mostly carnations and Limonium, fresh herbs and strawberry from the Gaza Strip to Europe.

The PA fresh produce will be sent every morning from the Gaza Strip, packed in Sharon packhouse of the Israeli Flower Council and will be exported abroad by airline CAL (Cargo Airlines).

Hadad said "We have very successful experiences with working with Palestinians through Agrexco. The desire of both parties to make a living is far stronger then everything and overcomes the difficulties due to the political and security situation. The Europeans welcome the cooperation and are pleased to make reservations and do their part".

The export is managed through a computer system shared by the Israeli Flowers Council and Gaza farmers, so the Palestinians exporters know at any time where is their shipment and the expected income.

The Israeli and the Palestinians farmers agreed to hold regular meetings in Europe to strengthen cooperation and open new additional marketing channels.

According to Haddad, the Flower Council can absorb much larger quantities of produce and strengthen the economic base of agriculture in Gaza.


Spice grower representatives from Israel and Gaza have agreed to establish a joint-export channel of spices, strawberries, lemons, and flowers to Europe.

The joint Gaza channel is expected to generate NIS 20 million of revenue in 2013. “Israeli farmers have experienced successful joint cooperation in the past with Palestinians through Agrexco,” said Haim Hadad, secretary-general of Israel’s Flower Growers Association. “The desire of both parties to make a living is large and increasing due to political and security difficulties. The Europeans are welcoming the initiative and are pleased to do their part and place orders.”

Under the agreement, Palestinian Authority produce will set out from Gaza every morning to be packaged in Israeli Flowers Council packing plants in the Sharon district. They will then be exported abroad.

The project will be administered through a shared computer system operated by the Flower Growers Association and Gaza farmers, so Palestinian exporters can know at any given time where a shipment is located and what proceeds have been received.

Israeli and Palestinian farmers will hold regular meetings in Europe to strengthen the cooperation and open new marketing channels.