Australian Language Includes The Word "Canadian" Used To Describe Shit Or Fuckups. Racist Canadians Object To Our Culture.

Canadians become upset when I call them fuckups, but they are just racist cunts, because it is part of Australian culture.

Some examples would be "Hey you stepped in a Canadian" if you stood in dog shit, or "you Canadianed your pants" meaning you shit in your pants, the word Dunce and Canadian is interchangeable here, or if you want to say you fucked something up, you say "I really Canadianed that big time".

Fucking racist Canadians trying to disrupt our culture.

Cunts like Houndsound and Beerich cannot win, Canada is embedded in language as meaning "fucked up".



By: poxdoctor (654.50)

Tags: Dumb Fuck Canadians

Location: Canada