Markeith Loyd captured!

He fought the law and the law beat the shit outta him!

Markeith Loyd shot and killed his girlfriend, 24 year old Sade Dixon who was pregnant with his baby back in december and was hiding out until Orlando PD LT Debra Clayton spotted his dumb ass at a walmart on January 9th. He shot and killed her and fled the scene. Deputy First Class Norman "Big Norm" Lewis was responding to the call to search for Markeith "Fuckhead McCopkiller Dipshit" Loyd when he was struck and killed by a motorist who crashed into his motorcycle. Two extremely well respected members of my community died trying to stop this dipshit. The jackass was found in his own fucking neighborhood today. I'm crying while writing this. I'm so happy. I'm just sad they didn't beat his dumbass a little more.

Thank you to Donut Operator for the video. You are an artisan!



Por: KirbyPop (894.22)

Etiquetas: Justice will be served, black blue lives matter, 41 year old hood rich piece of shit

Ubicación: New York, United States