Drunk driver mows down couple on sidewalk

" A couple was hit on the sidewalk of a gas station in Santana , São Paulo. The driver who ran over the victims, a lawyer for 34 years, smelled like alcohol and refused to do the breathalyzer test.

A man and women aged 31 and 25, were walking embraced by the side of the gas station. Suddenly, a Hyundai IX35 advances and mowed the couple down. The woman is dragged several meters by the vehicle, which then ran over the victim too.

police officers who attended the event testified that the lawyer had "slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and had trouble walking." The driver also refused to perform the breathalyzer test. The driver said he only wanted to fuel up when the accident happened. He was indicted for culpable injury (unintentional) and drunk driving.

The woman remains hospitalized and in serious condition. "

Happened in Brazil


By: plakka (2409.10)

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