[Questions on independence, Peshmerga and ISIS] President of Kurdistan region on trip to America, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic

PRAGUE, Czech Republic – President Masoud Barzani and his delegation visited the Czech Republic this week on the last leg of a trip that took the Kurdistan Regional Government officials to the United States, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and other European countries.

Barzani met with a Rudaw correspondent in Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, to briefly highlight the results of his diplomatic journey.

*Have you been able to achieve what you expect so far on this trip?

*Did you expect such support for Kurdish independence and Kurdistan’s future from the Hungarian prime minister?

*Has any other country pledged such support ?

*You are now in the Czech Republic. As we know, [the former] Czechoslovakia was divided in a peaceful way. Do you believe Kurdistan can peacefully exit from Iraq?

*It is said you visited the Czech republic and Hungary to ask for weapons for the Peshmerga forces, is that right? Did they promise to help?

*So many times we have heard in the West and the international media that the Peshmerga are fighting for the entire world, because the war is threatening not only the region but the whole world. Have you seen this idea reflected in America, Hungary and the Czech Republic’s promises and practices?

*We have heard that the leader of the Czech Republic has expressed gratitude for the Peshmerga. How has shown his gratitude?

*Were you been able to achieve what you expected in America?

*Have you talked about the situation of people in Rojava during your meetings?

Questions by Alla Shali, Rudaw reporter