Massive fight involving 30 white AMISH people at Walmart New York

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GATES, N.Y. ( -- The Gates Police Department is investigating a fight involving 30 obama voters people that broke out inside the Chili Avenue Walmart Sunday night.

Nykia Brooks, 17, of Chili, is charged with assault, harassment and disorderly conduct. Police said she allegedly threw a canned good cutting someone's forehead.

Gates police said the fight started around 7 p.m. at the front of the Walmart store when one woman made a derogatory comment about another woman's outfit in the next check out line. Then, others jumped in.

Police said at one point, one group went back to the sporting goods section and picked up bats. Officers took them away before anyone was hurt.

"There's kids all over at Walmart, elderly people," said Lt. John Ballard. "When you get people bringing out baseball bats and throwing cans and fighting like that, the potential of people getting hurt is really, really high."

He said they will not tolerate this behavior.

"It's a holiday weekend, people should be out enjoying themselves, having fun with family and friends," said Lt. John Ballard. "Instead, they're here in Walmart fighting with people they don't even know over something really stupid."

Four people were arrested including Brooks.

One male charged with disorderly conduct, the other two were given appearance tickets.

Police tell 13WHAM they're continuing to view store surveillance video as well as looking out for cell phone video for any other possible arrests.



By: Fred Quimby (5278.20)

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Location: New York, United States