Cubans run away from the circus

Dec 13 - At least eight Cuban acrobats performing in a Mexican festival have reportedly disappeared.

The organisers of the festival in the town of Queretaro reported the circus act was missing on December 7. The six men and two women of Circuba arrived in Mexico last week for the scheduled performances.

Sonia Legg reports. Running away to join the circus isn't unknown but at this festival in Mexico eight performers are thought to have done the reverse.A group of acrobats from Cuba have disappeared during an event in Queretaro - much to the embarrassment of the organisers.Fair coordinator: "You bring a show over here and at the first opportunity, they disappear off the map. It's uncomfortable for everyone, for the Cuban government and for us."Locals attending the show weren't surprised by the move" Visitor: "If I were in their situation, I would have done exactly the same thing. I know how they live in Cuba."The show is going on but the acrobats - six men and two women - haven't been seen for almost a week.Their suspected disappearance follows the reported defection of a top Cuban tv presenter. Miami newspapers said Carlos Otero was producing a tv show in Toronto - travelling with his wife and children - when he claimed political asylum.The Mexican authorities say they've no idea where the acrobats are but Cubans who defect are generally considered traitors.