Say No to Child Soldiers and Kurdish Terrorism in North Syria

PYD(YPG and PKK) is a well known terrorist organization that is trying to do an ethnic cleansing of arabs in north syria to establish a communist marxist leninist canton based state. We are living in 21st century and they are still communists.

As similar to other terrorist organizations, PYD is using child soldiers especially to use them in suicide attacks. PYD is using the same kind of ISIS strategy. Kurdish terrorists are kidnapping kids from their families and lucky ones are dying in the first year of kidnapped but mostly they are molesting kids and exploiting them until the end.

There are obvious evidences that are showing the rate of child exploitation in this kurdish terrorist organization. Do not forget, supporting PYD is a kind of support to child molestation and child exploitation.

Say no to child molesting which is done by PYD(YPG AKA donkeyfuckers)


By: turksdoitbetter (358.30)

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Location: Syria