Tatar minority in Donetsk takes part in celebrations of the "unity day" (30.10.2014)

Tatar women in Novorossiya, celebrating the reutnj of stability and normal life...So much for the Western media hysteria about "oppression of Tatars" by Crimea, there are 3 official languages - Russian, Ukrainian (!!!) and.....Crimean Tatars (!) :)) so who is unhappy?? the ones cashing in on formenting hastred, religious extremism and mistrust, of course. The days of islamic extremism and Mossad games in Crimea are over, the 1000 terrorists from Crimea in Syria will have to go to EU as poor "asylum seekers". Sorry but we don't need such people here, nor do the real Tatars. Same with Chechen criminals in EU, not even their own people want them back.