1) Giuseppe "Joe the Boss" Masseria
First generation Italian mobster, New Yorks Boss Of Bosses, who was still stuck in the old world ways of Italy and something had to be done to mix things up.He survived several attempts on his life and became know as the man who cold dodge bullets.It's believed he was sacked by one Bugsy Siegel.

2) Salvatore "Little Caesar" Maranzano
The moment he stepped in as the leader of the families he started skimming off the top and taking as much as he can, greed brought him down with a little help from his friends.

3) Abe "The Ice Pick" Relis
Nothing lover than a rat, and Abe "The Ice Pick" Relis got caught by the FBI his sloppy killing and when he did to escape the death penalty he sent half of Murder Incorporated to the chair but then when he went for the boss his days were numbers and the family but a 100,000 dollar bounty on his head and by all account a member of the FBI took the money sending Relis out a window without a parachute on the day he was supposed to appear as a witness to send Murder Inc. Hitman Albert Anastasia to the electric chair.

4) Bruno Angelo
Angelo Bruno was known as The Gentle Don, a man who looked more like a Grandfather then a God Father, but that was his cover and he plaid it well. Although he attended the Symphony, was on the board of charities and hospitals he was behind 1970s Philadelphia's biggest heroine operation.Although on the outside seemingly well like there were brooding under currents in the famous of those who resented Bruno, while telling the gangs he didn't want them dealing Charlie because it was dirty money, The Gentle Don was getting rich off the stuff and they ass felt something had to be done.

5) Carmine Gallante
A man who thought he was untouchable working out of the small dry cleaners in Queens NY. Utterly ruthless, Carmine "Lilo" (meaning cigar) Galante became best known for masterminding the heroin trade and the grisly gangland execution that took him down.

6) Dutch Schultz
Dutch Schultz was a New York City-area -Jewish-American mobster of the 1920s and 1930s who made his fortune in organized crime-related activities, including
bootlegging and the numbers . When he was nabbed for tax evasion and facing some serious jail time that he would most certainly serve, he asked the family if he could put a hit on Prosecuter Thomas E. Dewie to end his problem. Wehen the family said know he must have figured the risk was worth if and tried to do a hit on the prosecutor himself and failed. Doing this sealed his fate.

7) Paul Castellano
Constantino "Paul" Castellano also known as " "Big Paulie", was an American Mafia boss who succeeded Carlo Gambino as head of the Gambino crime family in New York, the nation's largest Cosa Nostra. He was in a fund with mob boss John Got because Gottie was selling herion when Constantino forbid any made members to do so. Knowing it was only a matter a time before he got sacked Gotta decided to beat Constantino to the punch and back him first.

8) Benjimen "Bugsy" Siegal
Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel was an American mobster. Siegel was one of the most "infamous and feared gangsters of his day". Handsome and charismatic, he became one of the first front-page celebrity gangsters movie stars and mixing with Hollywoods beautiful people.. He was also a driving force behind the development of the Las Vegas Strip when he cam up with the idea of turning a desert strip into a row of casino's and at first the Famies thought it was a brilliant idea but when he went over 5 million dollars budget and many believe he was taking money off the top to pay for his whore girlfriend, actress Virginia Hell, well Bugsy's days were numbered.


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