Forget "Bros" And Easy Women - Obamacare's Latest Pitchman Is Richard Simmons

In order to appeal to their target demographics, the smart people in the
marketing department at Obamacare central have provided us with such
wonders as and However, the following clip - which almost defies description - shows just how desparate (or clueless) the administration has become, as a #GetCovered promo turns dirty-dancing-meets-twerking as Richard Simmons and an unknown male assailant begin to...well just watch...

As a painful reminder - if one were needed - that:

"In case you’re wondering, Covered California received $43 million
worth of federal grant money last year to “educate targeted audiences
about the subsidy programs available to them and to motivate consumers
and small businesses to be part of obtaining health insurance.”

Thanks taxpayer for funding this orgy of eye-gouging hell...we will never be able to un-see that!

(on a different note, who else thinks Richard Simmons looks like David Darst?)

It's funny because you never see them together?