'Why the West is F#%KING Doomed!' - Phil Butler

Why the West is FUCKING Doomed!

News today from ALL the major mainstream press in the west, it takes the cake of cakes. A supposed Pentagon study unearthed by USA Today, it’s spreading wildfire rumors Russian President Vladimir Putin now has “an autistic disorder which affects all of his decisions.” The
corporate nasties in the western hemisphere now say Putin has Asperger syndrome. I say, “oh boy.” Here is my dissenting view and cynical observations on the past year and a half.
Informed readers have rightly stressed the following. First, Vladimir Putin currently “a master of Sambo and a 6th Dan black belt in a modern form of full contact karate called Kyokushin Kaikan. He is an 8th Dan Judo master.” Secondly, if the media reports of him having Aspergers were proven factual, then the Pentagon would have classified the Russian president with the same disease Microsoft genius-billionaire nymag.com/news/features/autism-spectrum-2012-11/ was diagnosed with.
Update two:
Now that our friends from Kremlin to the Credit Swiss Tower, over to the headquarters of Ericsson Malaysia, and whoever is watching from the RV campground in Netherlands, Tokyo, Paris, and rich German industrialists are reading this post (yes IP technology is wonderful), just how STUPID do the western leadership think people are? From Ethiopia to Brisbane and beyond, people are wising up. And when they’re fully informed of the political skulduggery going on, the rampant Russophobia being played out… to be continued.
Evening update: As German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and France’s President Francois Hollande meet in a private session tonight in the Kremlin, hundreds of millions of people hover waiting for
news. Will there be peace in Ukraine? Clearly it is up to one man, let’s pray Asperger syndrome is on the side of Europe. If not, we really may be doomed.

First Vladimir Putin’s Sochi Olympics were doomed. Rumor among 20,000 western media outlets had it:

1. Terrorists would rain hell down on Сочи Администрация

2. Wild dogs and Russian wolves would eat competitors

3. The hotels beneath visitors would collapse

4. People would be tested for their “gayness”

5. Special gulags were set up for losing Russian athletes

6. All profits were to go to Russian mobsters

7. There was no snow

For BBC News Reuters‘ and The New York Times‘ next act, Vladimir Putin became Adolph Hitler reborn. He invaded Crimea (with troops who were already there). Then he annexed the peninsula (by
popular request and vote of citizens), and in general killed no one (unlike America, which has killed several million in the last 14 years).

(Special note) So far The Guardian leads the way to intelligent news discovery with this www.theguardian.com/world/2015/feb/05/vladimir-putin-asperge about the Pentagon report)

Then the media jumped on Mr. Putin’s daughters. When that failed to cause the desired effect (which is still a fuzzy question) somebody shot down a Malaysian airliner and blamed it on “Putin’s Missile” …… Amid all the speculation on MH17, the Kiev junta put in place by Barack Obama
and Co., it blamed Putin and the Russians for “invading” Ukraine on no less than 25 occasions officially. Russian tanks were seen rolling through eastern Ukraine by every news agency with a cell phone image of a tank. BBC was guilty more than any other major media.

Next, Vladimir Putin had cancer. Every newspaper from Die Welt to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution at one time or other reported the rumor Russia’s leader was one foot in the grave with the other on a banana peel.

Somehow Putin survived.
Next, Washington and London’s beefed up and propped up Kiev boys cannot even take over Donetsk airport. A year in and the larger part of Ukraine, backed by everybody from the President of the United States to the kitchen staff at the German Chancellery, they cannot oust the‪#‎Donbass‬
boys from Donetsk or Lugansk. Air power nor the last remaining tank in the UAF arsenal cannot beat up on freedom fighters American leaders call “terrorists” ….

Putin, as it were, wins no matter what.

Now, with France’s Hollande and Germany’s Merkel frantically flying about trying to keep US weapons out of Ukraine, suddenly, magically, the Russian Czar has a rare form of autism.
Britain’s newspapers say so! So it has to be true, right? Asperger’s now threatens to take down the most powerful man on Earth! The Pentagon, that US instrument that has saved the American people from utter catastrophe for decades, they commissioned a special study that USA TODAY magically discovered and released.

(Is it fair right here to call BULLSHIT?) Okay, then I’ll continue.

What’s funny for me is, the man who was accused by some a week ago for being a pedophile, he’s hardly uttered a word about Ukraine in a couple of weeks, but France and Germany flew to his throne room just yesterday evening. DAMN! He is the most powerful man on Earth. To somehow have escaped a supposed assassination attempt while flying the flight path of MH17. To have beaten cancer as if he had an eraser of British newspaper ink. To have somehow attained an 8th degree black belt in karate, despite being a fumbling and clumsy retard with autism. Goddamn, Putin is indestructible. America and Britain had better be afraid, very afraid.

Pray he does not get really pissed off. The so-called “West” is DOOMED if all this cannot destroy Vladimir Putin. I fear the force in him has grown stronger.

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