Dead Whale I Spotted in Newfoundland.

Okay, so this evening I was heading between my town and another town that's about half an hour drive away, with scenic seascapes and cliffs and mountains and such. So I'm driving along, loving the scenery, and I spot a beach. On this beach, I see a gigantic dead whale. I wasn't sure exactly what it was at first. Then I realized it's either the carcass of a whale that beached itself an since died or if it came ashore already dead.

It was certainly something that I wasn't expecting to see this evening. Ignore my yammering, I toasted a joint in the majestic beast's memory shortly before I shot the video. Not sure what killed it, or what kind of whale it is. The size of it was staggering.

Gonna Google what kind of whales we have in our waters and find out the species.

It appears to have been there for some time, there were couple teenagers checking it out when I rolled up.

Edit to add: After a quick google search, I found this article from the

It's a humpback.



By: pheenus (442.60)

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Location: Lamaline, NL, Canada