Ferguson Protesters Try to Disrupt Cardinals Game, Get HUGE Surprise from Fans

BY madworldnews.com/author/sean-brown/ / ON OCTOBER 7, 2014 AT 4:33 PM
People in Ferguson, Missouri have protested the death of robbery suspect Michael Brown ever since the day he was killed by Officer Darren Wilson after a struggle. They have attempted to disrupt many venues, including a symphony. Last night, they may have taken it a bit too far.

deadspin.com/cardinals-fans-get-ugly-in-clash-with-ferguson- reports that a fan at a Cardinals game, wearing an “I am Darren Wilson” sign on his t-shirt to pay homage to Wilson, upset a group of demonstrators who want to see Wilson prosecuted for the shooting. A rather long video was captured of the clash and shows us that the people of Missouri seem to be getting fed up with the constant protests over what appeared to be a justified shooting.

The crowd of fans starts trying to drown out the protesters by chanting, “Let’s go Cardinals!” but it only causes the protesters to get even louder. In response to the increased noise from the protesters, the fans start chanting, “Let’s go Darren!” which seems to anger the demonstrators even further.

As the nearly 25-minute video continues to progress, protesters and fans can be seen shouting back and forth at one another, each trying to make a point of their own. At one point the upset fans even start chanting, “USA! USA! USA!”

Whether or not you believe Officer Wilson should be prosecuted for shooting Brown, which most everyone thinks he shouldn’t, trying to disrupt people who have nothing to do with the case is probably the worst way to make a point. Fortunately, no violence broke out during the incident; even though, at times, it appeared close to happening.