Progressive multi-culti CBC now IP blocking anti-islamist commenters

That's right folks, the hysterically "progressive" CBC - the same Orwellian multi-culti social engineers who brought us is now IP blocking users who have been posting comments critical of Islam (in particular, the

How do I know they're IP blocking? Well, because I was voicing anti-islamist comments on their boards, and eventually I got IP blocked. I initially fell for their "technical difficulties" screen, until after a few hours passed and I decided to try accessing from some proxy servers, and had no difficulty getting onto whatsoever.

The CBC has a documented history of manipulating the perception of public opinion by carefully handpicking which comments are allowed in a conversation and which are not - giving the casual reader the false impression that the conversation is slanted in a particular direction (usually towards the progressive liberal side). They won't censor ALL comments that go against the extreme left leaning of the CBC, but they'll censor enough to make them look like they're in the minority to the average reader.

This was evidenced last week when Under that story - which stated that 64% of Canadians polled supported airstrikes - the vast majority of commenters appeared to be opposed. Take a look at the comments and see for yourself. There's a clear disparity between the polled public opinion, and the version of public opinion that puts forth in their comments section. Consider just how many comments they must have censored in order to create that disparity. I guess now they've decided that it's easier to just start IP banning people in order to create the image of public opinion they want to propagate.

Proof of manipulative censorship practices on the CBC's part:
Below is just a few examples of comments in past discussions that were in no way in violation of any terms of use, yet were censored by the CBC - presumably to slant the image of public opinion in the other direction - in some cases after multiple attempts to post.

There are See for yourself. Read those comments and ask yourself why the CBC would censor them. Then consider how last week, the CBC comments regarding ISIS were diametrically opposed to actual Canadian public opinion as polled by qualified researchers, then put two and two together.

Progressive, multi-cultists in Canada have been dreading the inevitable day when islamic terrorism would finally hit Canadian shores. And now that the day has come, their reaction is predictably desperate - thier position made infinitely worse by the fact that the perpetrator of yesterdays' attack was a white convert, robbing the progressive multi-cultists of thier primary weapon: the race card. So now they're resorting to even more desperate tactics to try to whitewash the truth and avoid that politically incorrect elephant in the room.