Democratic National Convention (DNC) Calls to Destroy the Constitution to Protect Us from Conservatives

The Vice President of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) put out a Twitter call to destroy the US Constitution. She even attached the article calling to destroy the Constitution to “save the American democracy” from Republicans.

Donna Brazile is an American author, academic, and a political analyst. She also happens to be the Vice Chairwoman for the DNC. She is the first African-American Woman to manage a presidential campaign (Al Gore, 2000). She was briefly the Chair of the DNC until it was taken over by Debbie Wasserman Schultz. When Schultz transitioned, she quietly stepped back into her position of Vice Chair.

She is quoted in the 2008 primaries that got two states disqualified as stating, “We need to send a message that you can’t defy the rules,” adding, “I have pissed off just about every state in my career.”

Perhaps that is why she doesn’t mind anyone being “pissed off” when she makes a statement like this (twitter):

Donna Brazile ✔ @donnabrazile
We need a new constitution: Here’s how we save American democracy from charlatans, loudmouths and the 1 percent

10:22 PM - 27 Sep 2014

The attached link in her Tweet goes to a opinion piece, which cuts to the chase of who she is talking about. The piece, aptly titled, starts out on an unbiased note pointing out the dismal 79% disapproval rate for Congress. That’s as close to unbiased and non-Marxist this opinion piece gets before going off on a Socialist tangent in the name of “Democracy.”

America never is and never was a Democracy. We are a Republic, a nation of laws set up on checks and balances to keep one branch from having total power over the other. Second, it is hard to say you are not attacking Conservatives with bits of wisdom such as:

“Next, let’s reform the debased Supreme Court by reducing tenure from life to 10 years. (Honestly, who’s not tired of Scalia?)”

“Partisan-directed state legislatures would once and for all be denied the power to gerrymander districts.”

“Step 2: Use tax dollars exclusively to fund national political campaigns.”

Soon after, the author states we need to increase the taxes on social security to anyone making $300,000 or more as a family. Contradiction of terms, but hey, it is his opinion. No word on how he plans to fund the VA, Medicare, the Military, the departments he wants to establish …

“We need to clip the wings of all the Governor Bob McDonnells out there.”

“Our new Constitution would be written in such a way as to facilitate another campaign as well: a campaign against ignorance.”

“Case in point. Not very long ago, as the civilized world shook its collective head, polling showed that nearly half of Republican voters were convinced that their duly elected president was an East African Muslim and a usurper.”

His answer to this — don’t let them vote. goes on to put Common Core on steroids worse than it already is, make 18 year olds serve in AmeriCorps , tax only one-third of our nation by triple the rate now, put warning labels on gas pumps that it hurts the earth, make executives of business prove they are patriotic, make people feel good by imposing big fines on corporations for “polluting,” and Marxism.

To contend with those who have been conditioned to fear “big government,” here’s the winning response: Let us profit from good government ideas once they are put into practice.

Hate to tell him, this was tried once in a great experiment called the USSR. It failed and the USSR fell.

The fact that a Marxist rant came from the brilliant mind that brought us and Elizabeth Warren’s moral insight: How candid leaders can alter the course of history, a woman who lied about her heritage to gain $450,000 per class at Harvard, should not surprise us. The fact that the Vice Chair of the DNC embraced it should wake Democrats up.

This is not your parents DNC, it has been taken over by Socialists and the proof is in front of you.

The positive side of this is that it awakened a storm on Twitter. There are epic responses to her Communistic drivel.

Donna Brazile ✔ @donnabrazileWe need a new constitution: Here’s how we save American democracy from charlatans, loudmouths and the 1 percent

BT @back_ttys
. We need to start abiding by our current constitution. We don't need a new one.
10:26 PM - 27 Sep 2014