Murz the militiaman: So, after all, LPR is a democratic state…

Yesterday morning I met LPR residents I knew, and they were angered by some natural phenomena. One of the main problems are the people who fled the “terrible separatists and terrorists” back in the day, and are now returning in ever larger numbers from the Kiev side. Not individual persons, the flow quite steady. And it’s not hobos coming back to scavenge, everyone returns - from school teachers to prosecutors, even those who held high posts before the war <Kiev-controlled Ukraine currently has ~70 unemployed per one vacancy, and very little is done to take care of displaced persons - ed.>.

Locals are not upset merely by the fact of people returning, but by them saying things like:
"Ok, we understand. You made a mistake, you hoped for <Russian intervention>, happens. Do not worry, everything will soon be back like before, you will live within unitary Ukraine."

And the locals are pissed not because someone is saying this in the kitchen, to their separatist-terrorist family members, when talking about life. They are pissed because, for example, a school teacher returns from the other side and says this to their children in school.

I say:
“- Well, these people have their views. Can we try them for being "ukrops"? We aren’t Ukies, we do not prosecute people for "separatism" like they do.”

The other guy was at a loss on what to respond to that.

So, in general, it is a complex situation - between peace and war with the nazis. The fascists consider you the enemy, and anyone who sympathizes with you, too. Consider them “household separatists" and prosecute them. And you can not approve of repression against people who sympathize with the nazis. Because, first of all, you are not a nazi, and secondly, you can not arrest people for agreeing with the Minsk Accords that were signed by representatives of the LPR. Where it says that LPR will be part of Ukraine. So, after all, LPR is a democratic state… for as long as there still is an LPR.

<Pictured: DPR leader Zaharchenko explaining the situation to a crowd of protesters in Donetsk, see the article;gt;

< Murz>