+++ The miraculously talented Mr. Gutjahr +++

When was the last time you rented a luxury suite in NICE and filmed a truck driveing down the promenade even before it stared hitting people? Never? Well, it seems you are no professional journalist.

A professional journalist goes back to work after that and drives around Munich 8 days later to become whitness of the Munich shopping mall shooting. Well, he didn't film it from his balcony this time but his daughter happened to be there with the camera fimilng the first people leaving the shopping mall in panic.

In a set of interviews this family of talented journalists get entangled in contradictions that only a
criminal corrupt country like the Banana republic of Germany would ignore and subdue as a crude antisemitic conspiracy theory.

But see for yourself.

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By: Pissrael nomore (1216.60)

Tags: munich, nizza, mossad, terror, refugee, merkel, liberal, soros

Location: Munich, Germany