Eric Bana owes his Hollywood career to this sociopath. Chopper.

Yeah I must admit, Bana done a pretty good job in the movie "Chopper".

In this clip, Australian journalist Renee Brack got more than she expected with an impromptu game of Russian Roulette.

Some people say this guy is full of shit, but he was jailed for holding an Australian judge at gunpoint in an Australian court in an attempt to free a fellow criminal, and was acquitted of murder for shooting a wog in the eyeball with a .410 shotgun. Jailed for shooting members of bike gangs and drug dealers. Had his ears cut off to be transferred from a maximum security prison, and was stabbed, sliced by box cutters and shot multiple times. Obviously a hard cunt and a master showman.

The movie is Chopper, and he was played by Eric Bana in the role that made Bana's Hollywood career.


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