The face of "Russia Today's" general manager.

Dmitry Konstantinovich Kiselyov

Dmitry Konstantinovich Kiselyov (Russian: Дми́трий Константи́нович Киселёв, born 26 April 1954)[1] is a Russian journalist. In December 2013 he was appointed by Russian President Vladimir Putin head of the new official Russian government owned international news agency Rossiya Segodnya(Russia Today), a 2,300 person organization made up largely of the former RIA Novosti news agency and the shortwave radio station Voice of Russia. He also serves as deputy director of Russian state TV holding company VGTRK.

Here's what he says about homosexualy oriented people:

"I think that finning gays for propaganding homosexualism among youth is not enough, we have to forbid them the ability to donate blood and sperm. Incase of a car accident we have to bury their hearts or to burn them - because these hearts are not suitable for someone's life [For donating their heart to people in need].

What he says about what can be done to USA:

"Russia - the only country in the world, capable of transforming the U.S. into radioactive ash ! I
do not know whether the coincidence , but Obama called Putin on January 21 ,
but the next day , literally January 22, as the official organ of the
Russian government appears article [ in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" ], where
quite lucidly chewed how our system works guaranteed nuclear retaliation "Perimeter" . In the U.S.,they call her dead hand - " dead hand".

Even if all the officers in our command posts after a nuclear attack will be silenced, invanurable system will automaticly fire our nuclear missiles from our shachts and submarines in the 'right direction', -
announced Kiselev ,while recommending to read about the system in " Rossiyskaya
Gazeta ", saying it is "extremely interesting."

According to Kiselyov , with the appearance of the article[About the system] "Obama began to call Putin more often - " while his hair turned more gray " [was frightened].