A man killed a car wash worker for refusing to wash his BMW

A client of one of the Moscow car washes with one blow killed an employee who refused to wash his car, according to the website of the main department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Moscow region.

According to the publication, on Wednesday, February 7, at about 03:30 am a man with his friends came to a car wash in the Moscow region Stupino. There they were greeted by sleepy workers who were not in a hurry to wash his BMW. An angry driver led his car out of the service, and he returned to the premises to find out the relations with the employees.One of the victims - a 39-year-old stranger - fell to the floor, hit his head, fainted and later died in the hospital.

He is detained and taken into custody, he faces up to eight years of imprisonment under Article 111 of the Criminal Code ("Deliberate infliction of serious harm to health").


By: Cosmos (9958.30)

Tags: BMW driver beat car wash workers

Location: Stupino, Moscow Oblast, Russia