Christ failed on the cross - fuck the pope!

Today our new "pope" honestly sayed that crist failed on the cross. Thats what he said:

"Jesus Christ and his life, humanly speaking, ended in failure, the failure of the cross."
I do not know what kind of bible the pope read. But in my bible the death of christ dying for all mankind and taking away their sins to give them a new start, was his final success. For those who read the bible i do not have to explain that, for those which have not, i can for sure not explain it on one page :).

But well lets explain it like that. If he would have said. "Enough with the christianity, lets all worship Satan" It would not be much worse.

So its official, after every single politican, journalist, organisation in the western world went full and 100% crazy and libtard, even the catholic church did.

Just to have a pic for this article ... here is a sexy nun. If the pope says blasphemie is oki now, who am i to judge.