Doctor discriminates against Housemaid and Dog in the elevator (HORRIBLE)

The Ophthalmologist treats horrible to a housemaid and a dog which is a guide for a young girl who is disable, she has a degree of blindness . He wants to get out (expel) the housemaid and the dog from the elevator. And he told the housemaid, she has to up the stairs(20 floors!!) and not using the elevator. Also, he said animals can not be in the elevator(which is NOT true ). He lives in an upper class building or apartment. He has had many problems with aggression against women, men and animals. He hates animals and also he has had many problems with classmates parents at his children school. He throw eggs to a door of a neighbour, also he made to get out a young boy with his dog in the elevator too and a woman(new neighbour) who lives in the building, he told dogs were not permitted, And the worst thing, in 2010 he refused to attend to a disable young woman(30years old) who was disabled, wheelchair. She told that she had a lots of problems to get at the hospital because of her condition and she said that he told her that he didnt have the equipment to attend her.