There is no difference between Turkey and ISIS / ISIL, said Turkish Prime Minister

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the now the target of condemnation for saying that the Turkish version of Islam differs by 360 degrees from the one followed by a militant group Islamic State (ISIS / ISIL).

Davutoglu is visiting the Turkish television tried to refute the claim that the failure of the Turkish government to deal with the Islamic State resulting in a double bomb attack in Ankara which killed 99 people.

"There is 360 degrees, not 180 degrees, the differences between Islam that we are defending the one that's on your mind DAES," said Davutoglu visiting on Wednesday on TV station "Show TV", using another name for the Islamic state, AFP reported.

"One (Islamic state) is the exclusive, and the second (Turkish) is tolerant and an example of how Islam and democracy can coexist," he added.

He also talk about his view of war in Syria, Russia and refugee crisis.

The opposition and bloggers rushed to point out that 360 degrees implies full circle - the opposite of what Davutoglu wanted to say.