Coming Down is the Hardest Thing (rerun)

Another addition to my home-brewed skydiving musical-interlude series from the 'lost files', with a blast from the past that was adopted by skydivers everywhere the moment it was released. Hope I've done justice to it and that you enjoy!

About the title...when people start jumping, they generally think the hardest thing to do is let go of the's not long after letting go that they discover that's not necessarily the case. :) FYI, many landing sequences are of people landing new or used canopies they are not familiar with...including a resident 69(now 73) year-old fellow skydiver and friend, (who started jumping in his youth when in the French airborne).


By: widerstand (1430.14)

Tags: Liveleakers, Entertainment, Skydiving, Parachute, Music, Quebec City

Location: St-Jean-de-Chrysostôme, Lévis, Quebec