UPDATE for "Serbia, Belgrade, Town Center - Anti lockdown, anti government protests "

It all started as small anti-lockdown gathering, but more people came and some time before midnight it escalated and people broke in to the City hall, but were quickly pushed out and then all hell broke loose....more people came along with more police.
People from other cities were coming also, but police denied their entrance to the city.
Some opposition leaders appeared, but people turned them away also, because they are corrupt as the current government.
Main government channel RTS1 was airing movie with Jackie Chan while police was firing tear gas, some other military gases that make you pass out or vomit like hell and other, beating whoever they catch....young and old, even priests....

There is so much material and lot is going on....protests are announced to continue for next several days, so will see.
Ill try to keep you updated and even go there on next protests to get more info.

- https://nova.rs/hronika/foto-ovim-oruzjem-je-policija-sinoc-
- https://nova.rs/politika/sram-vas-bilo-gospodine-rebicu-i-va
- https://nova.rs/drustvo/video-neprimerena-upotreba-sile/
- https://nova.rs/hronika/rebic-branili-smo-zivote-policajaca-
- https://nova.rs/hronika/video-malo-patika-malo-samar-srpska-
- https://nova.rs/hronika/video-gore-policijski-automobili-kod


By: ArShin (1341.70)

Tags: Serbia, Belgrade, protests

Location: Belgrade, Serbia