People stuck in restaurant after lightning bolt hit transformer

A terrifying video has emerged of people finding themselves stuck into a restaurant after a lightning bolt hit a transformer and a live wire fell onto the flooded street outside.

The footage, shot on June 14 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, captures the filmer's frightened reaction after three lightning bolts hit near the restaurant and sparked a fire.

"While eating I decided to go live on Facebook to show how the Dairy Queen was being flooded and after about 2 minutes the first bolt of lightning hit the transformer on the street and caught the fuse box of the Dairy Queen on fire," the filmer wrote online.

"The wire form the transformer hit my truck and if we had still been inside we would have been killed."

"After about 45 seconds the second bolt of lighting hit the water in front of us, which we were standing in and after about 30 seconds after that the third bolt of lightning hit and set the computers and registers in the back on fire," she added.

"We couldn't leave because one of the wires from the transformer was live and sparking in the street so we stayed in the Dairy Queen a until the rescue crews came and got us and shut off the power."


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