Finally a success for Putin economy

300% increase in sales of hooch making equipment!

The demand for hooch is growing as we were told by CEO of "Chelyabinsk factory of household goods,", which produces domestic distillers. Last year revenue growth compared to the previous amounted to 300%. According to experts, Russians buy distillers in connection with the crisis, trying to save on the purchase of alcohol.

- We ask customers about why they decided to buy the machine. Among the main reasons cited is rising cost of vodka in the shops and the deterioration of its quality.

Vladimir, a resident of the Moscow region, said that hooch allows his family to save about 300 rubles per 0.5 liters of hot drink.

- We need 2-3 kilograms of sugar - it is 150-200 rubles, we get 3 liters. And the decent bottle of store vodka (0.5 L) costs somewhere 350 rubles, 3 liters will cost 2.1 thousand Rubles!

Andrew B. from the Komi Republic said that he is spending 600 rubles a month on the production of alcohol. According to him, this budget allow him to made eight bottles of alcohol - in the case of purchase in the store at the lowest price (185 rubles) costs would amount to 1480 rubles.

- 8 kg of sugar for 60 rubles, yeast 90 grams +/- 195 rubles plus electricity and the unit itself. Ten days of ripening stage and VoilĂ  - it turns out about eight bottles of vodka, and the quality is much better than shopping vodka - said Andrew.

General Director of the Research Center of the federal and regional alcohol consumption Vadim Drobiz confirmed the growing interest of Russians to brewing.

- Now even brewing courses open. I saw such, for example, in Novosibirsk - said Drobiz.

("no! I drink only mine")