Media watchers say end is near for right-wing Fox News network

Fox News Channel’s days as a reliably right-leaning news source may be numbered, according to media watchers.

Monday’s claims that in the wake of Roger Ailes’ departure from the network in disgrace, there are questions about whether Fox News will continue to offer the same type of right-slanted programming that has made its fortune over the course of two decades.

Rupert Murdoch has stepped in as interim CEO and director of Fox News, but has made it known that he will be handing the operation over to his sons. Rumors have flown for years that the Murdoch sons — who are more liberal than their 85-year-old media magnate father — are by the right-wing antics regularly featured on the network.

While some in the industry argue that Murdoch would never give up the lucrative cash cow that Fox News has become, others say that the network is losing its cachet with viewers. Fox’s audience is aging and dying off, they argue, and many once-loyal viewers have in favor of alt-right media sources like

“Ailes’ number may well have been up soon enough anyway; the real question the new allegations continue to raise is what, if anything, Ailes can manage for a next act,” Politicosaid.

The former Nixon aide was forced to step down due to findings by an internal investigation conducted by the law firm Paul, Weiss into a reportedly widespread and deeply entrenched culture of at the company. Female employees were regularly told that to advance their careers they must perform sexual favors for higher-ups.


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