MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!! Bitcoin will EXPLODE in 2018 - Here's Why

Central banks will begin massively adding crypto to their portfolio. Russia is testing blockchain based voting. Venezuela is attempting to create their own cryptocurrency called "Petro".. Not sure how that will play out, but some suggest it will succeed. More people will continue to wake up to the fraud that central bank fiat money is, and will open up to cryptos. Bitcoin cannot be printed. There are a max limit of 21 million coins. I expect bitcoin to be at or near its all time highs by march 4-march10, which is about 19,500-20,000. Bitcoin is currently trading at about $9700 dollars. I began reporting this on live leak when BTC was near $600. You haters keep hating it, calling it a fraud or a Ponzi scheme. Early investors in technology get rich and this bothers you. Fact is, crypto is your friend. Not banks or slave bucks. I call them plantation bucks. We are about to witness the death of an entire system, and new one come about. Crypto is freedom, Fedcoin is garbage. Avoid Ripple it is Fedcoin.

Buy Dash and Digibyte too! Dash is at about $600, and DGB is near 4cents.


By: TweakingUnicorn (429.40)

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