Awesome time-lapse film from Zambia & South Africa, using famous quotes about nature & the human condition

A collection of my time-lapse work from Zambia & South Africa, shot five years ago, today re-shaped into something more powerful. This is now a film with a message, using famous quotes about nature, education & the human condition.

Back in 2011, I created a low-budget, home-made motion control system to achieve these shots on what was my first dedicated trip to a certain part of the world with the intention of creating a 'Moving Time-lapse' film. Zambia & South Africa served me very well for this purpose and I will never forget this life-changing trip.

Many thanks to my dear friends Dale & Rebecca Bluett at Mwambashi & Reborne Lodge for helping me make this possible.


By: samstonehill (144.00)

Tags: time-lapse, adventure, beautiful, zambia, south africa, wisdom, famous, quotes, nature

Location: Zambia