State Department Issues Travel Alert As 400 Fighters To Attack Europe In Wave Of Bloodshed

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(NaturalNews) We've just learned from the Daily Mail that the ISIS terrorist bombers in Brussels planned to attack a nuclear power plant. The terrorists had been staking out the home of the nuke plant director, whom they planned to kidnap to gain access to the power plant. "The Brussels terrorists were preparing an attack on a nuclear power plant and had recorded 12 hours of reconnaissance footage," reports the online paper. "Hours of film of the home of the Research and Development Director of the Belgian Nuclear Programme were discovered in an apartment in Brussels raided by anti-terrorist police following the attack in Paris."


Trump To Use Nuclear Weapons?!?

400 ISIS Fighters To Attack Europe?!?

State Dept Travel Alert For All Of Europe

UK Beefs Up Security Following Brussels

France State Of Emergency Extended?!?

23 Jihad Training Camps Located In US?!?

Obama Does Wave With Castro In Cuba?!?

Donald Rumsfeld Has No Clue About WTC7

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Location: Brussels, Belgium